Hand-Lettered Happiness

In February, I will be teaching Art+Writing Thursday evening, 6-8 pm at Cottonwood Center for the Arts. I have been giving some thought to the process, and am happy to have a bit of a revised and updated course-curricula developed. The first gen Art+Writing was late 2017, and it was a smidge of a seat-of-the-pantser,  if I am honest. But I loved it!

And I learned from it. Which is how all of my creative classes have evolved in the past. I learn so much from teaching, it is why I love the profession so very much. I learn from my students, from the process, and from every iota of experience that comes into each unique class.


Not my hand lettering, but innit pretty?


The final “project” of the class will be a handmade journal using bits of pieces of techniques and work we develop in the class. I can’t wait to share more with you, but one piece of the class is hand lettering. Hand lettering is all the rage right now, and I think this wonderful art-form can be wildly intimidating for many–but honestly, it is such a mindful and meditative way to focus on a personal mantra or a word of positive encouragement.

So, we will spend some time de-bunking the myth of hand lettered intimidation, and I truly look forward to sharing the art of words with some of you.


I am grateful for so much!

You can head over to the Cottonwood site to sign up for the class, or you can speak with the lovely folk at Cottonwood’s front desk to get enrolled! Please email me, moonphasecreative@gmail.com , with questions or comments!

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