The Messy Art of Reinventing

Moonphase Creative is a constantly evolving piece of my heart, reflecting my passions and interests in a sincere and earnest way. I want to bring art and instruction to the world in a way that maximizes my reach and minimizes my time spent shuffling around, looking for ways to get everything done.

For this reason, I am combining aspects of my artistic life to help create a more efficient approach and cultivate a routine that values the integration of home, studio, and business. It’s the necessary and messy art of reinventing oneself to maximize the joy and passion in your pursuit.

I am writing this post to bookmark the journey to become an online entity rather than a less efficient brick-and-mortar based one-woman show. Up until now, I have happily held studio space at Cottonwood Center of the Arts, and you can be sure I will still stay closely in touch with my Cottonwood fam, as they have been a crucial part of my growth and development.

Stay tuned for the implementation of these updates, and I hope to be sharing more soon!

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