Words for Sale

In addition to dabbling in paint and pictures, I am a writer. I hold an MFA (Goddard 2012) in creative writing and have since found enjoyment in both teaching creative writing and crafting my words for hire.

I wrote fiction and poetry, but found it to be a soul-wrenching endeavor with very little compensation. Motherhood and family life didn’t leave room for this for many years, and my writing was largely left behind in my pre-mom-life.

In itself, writing wasn’t fulfilling as a creative practice the way I find fine art and illustration to be; but creating copy that is useful and informative for people? That is extremely rewarding. This is where I found purpose and enjoyment in taking my writing off the shelf to put words out into the world.

I love helping people in all kinds of industries power their websites, promotional materials, and more with compelling copy. I may not have expertise in a given industry I am writing for, but I am able to discuss, research, and learn what the client needs and package it in succinct, relatable copy that businesses can turnaround for use on websites or within brochures or other promotional materials.

My ability to put together solid copywriting fairly quickly can be a huge stress reliever for business owners, and it is a skill that seemed so innate to my own business practice, I was a bit shocked to realize how useful I was for others.

I have been busy lately with both art and writing, which has left this space a bit neglected. But picking up work again feels a whole lot better than the health issues thag caused me to take time away in January and February!

If you have a small business and are looking for ways to boost your wordcount, I would love to be in touch.

If you have other writing-related questions, I am happy to chat–just shoot me a message!

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