The Summer Situation: When Summer isn’t Easy to Navigate

Spring has sprung. We are planting our gardens and planning graduations, coping with—I mean celebrating—Mother’s Day, and preparing for Summer. Everyone talks about the pressures and stressors of the winter holiday season, but no one talks about the crazy time that Spring—especially the month of May—can be.

Gearing up to embrace spring & summer with my creative output!

I, for one, have felt overwhelmed as I plan and organize the summer childcare, the kids’ camps and sports and activities while accounting for transportation, budget, and daily schedules while trying to simultaneously work and be pregnant. I know a lot of others who are feeling the crunch; the ones I have heard from are fellow mamas, or teachers, or caregivers who are feeling the distinct pull to spring-clean and spruce up while also maintaining the daily, PLUS prepare for the drastic shift into summer, where our work is expected to continue but our children are suddenly on break and require care, activities, different schedules and transportation.

We love the chaos of family! But also. It is chaos.

Marketing, to some degree, addresses the reality of the busy, hectic nature that the Holiday Hustle entails during the winter months. We feel the pressure to put on our holiday sparkle and deliver a smashing performance while coordinating choir performances and winter sports with holiday gatherings and thoughtful gift giving. But we are also reminded that people are human and that this is a stressful time that requires some introspection and self-care.

What feels less marketable and less discussed, though, is the crushing reality of Spring moving into Summer. It feels like an invisible undercurrent that has a lot of people struggling to stay afloat. I want to discuss that a tiny bit, as I have been doing some work to re-launch my creative business while also trying to account for the extra challenges and changes that come with the impending days of Summer.

When Summer hits, how do we find time to keep up the process?!

As my business gains momentum, I find it largely relies on a routine that involves the kids getting off to school, and I see such satisfying rhythm in the routine. Now I’m faced with the reality of May 24th, when my almost-middle-schooler will be home 24/7. I have some outside support, and my kiddo can run a bit free-range—but it is still a new challenge. And that got me thinking about families who have three or four kids to account for (just like we will, once our youngest babes are in public school rather than daycare).

How do we adjust and adapt to the summer days when we are trying to work? What about that unique blessing+challenge that happens when working from home? In order to explore this topic more and share with you what strategies and solutions I might find, I’m dedicating the Monday Blog Post to this Summer Situation. I want to adventure with my kiddos and attend all the soccer, T-Ball, and swim lessons and zoo trips I can! But I also want to find that sweet spot of balancing work and clients and creative output.

Feel free to message or comment with your own thoughts about the Summer Situation, or let me know what your survival strategies are. Everyone has a unique challenge; maybe it isn’t kids for you—it could be providing care for an elderly parent or relative, or dealing with other family/life/career transitions. It seems, though, we give a lot of thought to New Year’s Resolutions, the darkness of winter, and the perils and practices of coping with the winter months; but we don’t talk about the cycles that follow as much. We want to keep Spring Cleaning tidy; the fact is, it isn’t always a neat endeavor.

I’ll keep you posted on the honest truth of the Summer Situation on Mondays. Ideas for budgeting time and managing transportation, working at home while kids are at home, and handling the daily. If it isn’t helpful or useful, maybe—at least—it will be a bit humorous.

From my busy home to yours,


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