Writing for Success: 3 Things I’m Changing NOW

I started 2020 with big goals, and tbh I’m smashing them. But it’s a slow smashing. Like, chipping away at a very hard surface with a delicate hammer made of ceramic. I don’t want my tools to shatter, so I’m sort of going about things delicately. But it is about to change. I’ve got the grid-work in place and partners lined up! I’ve got a schedule that sometimes works. And a support system that is pretty darn amazing.

#Goals and Daily Productivity

SO…it was really time to look at my daily productivity and decide what’s going to happen, and what needs to change, in order to meet my goals. I am sure a few are out there nodding already.

I put together a list to nail down some specifics about how I’m turning my part-time freelancing into a more serious SEO writing endeavor. I love partnering with local businesses and small business owners to offer solutions for web-based content writing and freelance writing work. My problem has been lacking the availability because, well, kids and family are my absolute first-loves. It took some soul-searching to realize prioritizing my career isn’t about loving my fam less, it’s about feeling productive and excited for opportunities to add value to the local and online communities I serve.

A Freelancing Mama’s List of Change

  1. Dedication to Freelancing. I’m a Freelancing Mama, and I plan to emphasize the Freelancing aspect this year and attack those local business networking events, like, hardcore. And all the many To-Do’s that fall under Work & Accountability–it’s my year to treat them with serious commitment. This means I’m connecting with current partners like Colorado Springs-local Modernize My Site and the lovely Angelina Pecoraro (who does amazing work with front end web design). I am also networking and actively seeking new small businesses and local folks who are in the market for SEO writing and freelance services.
  2. Writing Daily: with intention, with commitment. Kind of like back when I completed my Master’s of Fine Arts in Writing, I intend to sit down every day to work on writing and SEO projects. Maybe it’s a personal project (hello Fiction, my old friend), or maybe it’s a blog post or SEO content for a local business. The goal is to stop putting off work until I’ve done “enough” around the house. No more fitting it in somewhere between naps and baths.
  3. Letting Go of Guilt. Because Guilt serves no one. Guilt is completely unhelpful and serves no one. This is a tough one to tackle, and I know so many others wrestle with this annoying thing on the daily.

And That’s All, Fellow Freelancers

If you’re a fellow freelancer, what are you changing? What are you hoping to do in 2020? I love connecting with other freelancers, small businesses, and local businesses to work together. You can always leave a comment or shoot me an email at moonphasecreative@gmail.com

Look for some more changes and improvements soon-to-come. It will be a slow but steady year of adding, deleting, moving, and changing the way Moonphase Creative does things, and I’m so excited.

Until Next Time,


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