The Demographic is Dead


Social Media in 2020

Target audience and niche demographic are terms to be done with when we talk about social media in 2020. Sort of. You need to think of the perfect person you want to do business with and create an authentic dialog with your potential clients in 2020.

Niche Down and Grow Up: Why a tiny target audience means major growth for your company.

Marketing becomes more and more niche and personalized with the amazing capabilities of tech and social media. It’s absolutely fascinating but, sometimes, absolutely terrifying to try to navigate the road when everything is constantly changing so incredibly fast. Digital marketing and content strategy are relatively new on my personal interests lists.

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Why is the notion of demographics dead? I wouldn’t say dead, actually, but—it’s evolving. Now that marketing is so incredibly flexible and able to be personalized, delivered, and tailored to a very specific personality type, the traditional demographics we once considered are now impossibly too broad to be effective.

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Population growth, the expansive internet, global community vs. local loyalties. All of these things are important to consider when examining the way marketing works now. On the one hand, our world is increasingly globalized. We are connected by the Internet, while still living in our tiny communities all across the globe. And with that, there comes a call to action for people everywhere to

buy local and support small businesses.

If you are a small business owner, you probably #hashtag it at least once in a month: shop small. Shop local. Support your local-everything. It’s hugely everywhere while simultaneously being incredibly small and right there in the palm of your hand. Literally. Like, you’re probably reading this on your phone right now, am I right?


So, how do we capture our target audience?

We don’t capture our target audience. We don’t think about a whole audience. It isn’t a captive audience in a theater watching the stage waiting for you to come out on the stage. The link in this paragraph takes you to an article with lots of tools you can explore and use to maximize your endeavors in social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing is a Must

The big takeaway is: social media is no longer optional for small businesses–everyone must be able to find you on Google, Yelp, or hear about you when they ask Siri or Alexa. So find your perfect person, focus on your niche, and craft your social media to meet that person where they are. Don’t think of the sea of people you’re talking to, but envision that ideal customer finding your content, finding your business, and imaging how you would want that conversation and interaction to go.





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