Marketing as a Small Business in 2021

Marketing in 2021 might be different for small businesses and solopreneurs. Social media is going to be queen, and the art of the launch is going to be crucial. Those are my predictions, at least, and I’d love to hear what your take on 2021 is.

And what is your marketing going to look like in 2021? Are you ready to plan your web sales strategy? Or are you looking to focus more on your branding and presence and create a community that customers love to support. I’m going to cover a few basics of how to make the most of simple marketing for small businesses right now.

Regardless of what 2020 brought you–disarray, uncertainty, grief, tragedy–you’re reading this right now so you did survive. This speaks something to your fortitude and perseverance, even if it doesn’t feel that way. While this year for sure brought huge challenges, heartbreak, and uncertainty to the world–I have personally been blessed with a lot of growth. And my growth is in large part thanks to the wonderful community I work with, so a huge thank you to everyone who has connected with Moonphase Creative in some way, shape or form.

I now want to share our growth with you and ask how you’re reaching your marketing goals. Are you looking at boosting your social media presence and power? Are you creating a course and offering a specific launch package? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit driving you to conquer 2021 with something new and exciting?

Here’s my advice surrounding things to consider as you plan your marketing strategy in 2021:

Get Clear on Your Offer

What are you offering your customers? You have about two seconds to snag their attention. Did you succeed?

If you need help clarifying your offer and marketing your message, we’ve got you. We offer strategy and consultation surrounding your message and voice. We offer content strategy and content creation, copy and content writing and social media marketing services that will help you master your marketing in a simple and authentic way.

Create a Focused Funnel

You’ve heard about funnels by now. They’re all the rage. Maybe they’ve gotten a tad bit stale or over-done–but they’re still effective. With the ingenuity of entrepreneurs everywhere, it’s pretty certain that funnels won’t be going anywhere in the near future.

As you design a launch and sales funnel, that clear offer will be key. Carefully plan the stages and create content that will lead potential customers to what they want. Creating offers that entice clicks is only part of the battle–you’ll want to design the landing page in such a way that people feel committed and compelled to click.

We offer help with creating copy and content for the landing page that will drive traffic and fuel your funnel, so be in touch to discuss ways our copywriting services can help you focus your launch efforts.

Content is King! You need quality content, consistently. Image: Adobe Stock

Even if you’re not interested in creating the quintessential “launch,” the overall approach can be valuable to your small business growth strategy. We always recommend clients take a look at strategy and plan quarterly. Having an idea of mini campaigns within each quarter will help your marketing stay focused, while also giving you a better idea of how different things perform. These valuable insights will also help your future endeavors, and so on.

Collect Data and Take Names

Part of marketing success has more to do with long-term opportunities than short-term sales. While a one-time purchase is nice, a lifetime customer and loyal follower is priceless. You’ll want to craft your launch to collect useful info for those who participate–even if they only opt-in for freebies. Everyone likes a good freebie!

Once you have that data: email addresses and folks signed up to learn more about you and your expertise–you’ll want to follow up with consistent, useful outreach. Yes, I’m talking about newsletters.

Want help sorting the moving pieces of your marketing plan? Image: Adobe Stock

Some say daily, some say monthly–I recommend weekly in a perfect world. But most importantly–consistency is key. Good content that has value is also key. Consistently create newsletters that offer relevant knowledge, useful links, and helpful tools to keep your customers coming back.

(Creating content for newsletters might seem overwhelming. We can help you with that, too.)

Plan Ahead

Telling folks to plan ahead seems a bit… parental. But it’s true. That’s where having a clear offer, focused plan, and well-thought out strategy with consistent follow-through is absolutely crucial. I highly recommend a quarterly strategy, or at the very least a monthly plan! My tiny agency efficiently and effectively handles the social media of multiple clients and our guiding light is always the content map we create with the input and collaboration of our clients!

It’s something you can learn to do with some time and effort, but this article really outlines why outsourcing might be more than worth it. If you’re ready to talk about planning ahead and utilizing a marketing strategy in 2021, contact us to find out how we’re helping small businesses and entrepreneurs master their marketing.

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