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Social media management and content creation: when clients work with us, what does that look like? Well, let’s talk about the tools we use to make the process clear and engaging for our social media clients! There are plenty of tools that are more specific to our specialized end of the creative process–like Adobe Suite. But there are plenty of tools we use for content creation and social media that make life a lot easier for our clients.

With project management and collaboration on, I’m able to collaborate with fellow freelancers and also let my clients see our process, offer feedback and comments, and approve content before it’s anywhere near the scheduler. This makes it a lot less stressful and transparent for our team and for our clients.

We also use Iconosquare to track metrics and social media performance. We monitor the growth, traffic, engagement, and much more for all the social account we manage for clients, and we offer access to Iconosquare account tracking in certain consultation and strategy packages where clients may execute their own social media plan but work with us on a monthly basis for consulting and strategy and planning.


How We Use to Make Project Management Fun and Functional


I love because it’s so incredibly visual and customizable for the many aspects of different projects we need to oversee. Moonphase Creative has its own board for internal planning, teams, and strategies–plus each client and external project has a dedicated board where collaborators, freelancers, and clients can contribute, collaborate, and offer feedback.

The nice thing about is its versatility. I use boards for planning content, creating calendars, and delegating tasks across different areas of big and small projects that span quarterly timeframes or just a few weeks.


The visual aspect of is just plain pleasing–so that’s a silly bonus. But, truly, the intuitive nature of the UX does make it an overall pleasing tool to use, and collaborators and clients typically find it pretty easy to pick up and navigate.

Here’s a quick explainer I made for a client a while back. We don’t often made video/sound pieces, so forgive the lack of polish! However, if you find this helpful, let us know and we’ll make an effort to create even better video/audio content!

If you’d like to explore, we have a link for that!


Social Media Analytics with Iconosquare

I’m not sure where I’d be without Iconosquare for offering my clients a useful snapshot of how their social media is performing. Moonphase accounts as well as client social accounts are synced through Iconosquare to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and beyond metrics. The metrics that matter can be toggled in various ways to zoom in on areas you want to know more about. Plus, the real-time syncing can offer great insight as to how a certain post is performing, or how different types of content attract different kinds of engagement.

Hovering over certain metrics gives a better idea about the details behind the number. Most things are clickable to offer greater insight, and analytics can be tracked, toggled, and explored in many ways to offer insights to social media accounts. Image: Moonphase Creative

For instance, Iconosquare recently showed how carousels and videos were outperforming single-picture posts (no surprise there!), but then I was able to delve deeper into the data and surmise that posting videos and single-picture posts within a closer timeframe window augmented engagement, impressions, and overall performance.

Iconosquare allows us to look at quarterly, daily, or any customizable timeframe for social media analytics. Keep it simple, or dive into the complex–this is why it’s the perfect tools for professionals who need to collaborate and communicate with clients. Image: Moonphase Creative

I like the clean design that makes data easy to read. My head gets very excited for data and I could spend all day considering metrics and developing strategy. However, my clients don’t often feel the same way–that’s why, of course, they hire me. Iconosquare is a great tool not just for my own nerdy analysis, but also because it displays data in a very pleasing, presentable way and that makes meetings a lot better.

Adobe Suite and Creative Assets

But of course, Adobe Suite gets a mention. I use Adobe for photo editing, stock images and assets, and InDesign is my go-to for all kinds of things in branding, print, copy, and creative projects. I wish I were more proficient in Illustrator, but I’m still learning that beast. I collaborate with so many developers, designers, and talented creatives, though–having the Adobe Suite is a daily must in the Moonphase office.

Before We Go, a Few More!

Too many tools to name, honestly, and so I’ll drop a few more faves here:

Envato (creative assets, resources, and inspo!)

Pexels (a totally free resource!)

HoneyBook (for contracts, invoicing, and all the things you wish you had a secretary for)

Just a note for a fully transparent disclaimer! A few of the links in this post are affiliate links to some of our most tried and true products and solutions!


I’m sure we’ll be revisiting some of these and more in the future! If you have any tools you can’t live without as a creative professional, let us know! I’m always looking for ways to refine our workflow and perfect the Moonphase process.


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