Our Social Media Support Team

The Moonphase team is growing and evolving to focus more on social media support services and consulting! I’m proud to welcome Jocelyn Wendt to the team as well, and together we’re delivering more when it comes to social media strategy and support for small businesses.

Meet Jocelyn! Part of the Moonphase Creative crew. Photo by Kelsey Ann Shaw

Moonphase Creative is offering less content creation and more consultation, social media support, and strategy these days. Why? Because it allows us to help more people. We wanted to craft tailor-made services that support small businesses, budding brands, and local companies as they develop their social media strategy, marketing plans, and communications.

While Moonphase still offers copy and content services, you’ll find more affordable and accessible plans that allow you access to our favorite tools, monthly consultation and support meetings. Plus, we offer unlimited text and email support to keep your business blooming in social content.

How Does Social Media Support Work?

How does social media support and consultation work? Our team is dedicated to solving your social media problems and offering you valuable strategy, insights, informed feedback based on our analytics, and a firm foundation in branding/image coaching and communications strategy. With our combined experience and specific areas of interest, Jocelyn and I bring a friendly, confident team to your fingertips.

social media brand content building
Let us help you build your brand and support your social media strategy!

If you have questions about social media best-practices, posting schedules, or engagement strategies, we can take a personalized look at your business and offer tailored insights that consider more than just what Google says in general. We also offer insight pertaining to not only what you’re posting, how often you’re posting, but also how you’re posting. Communication strategy matters! We look at your branding, messaging, and the platforms you’re utilizing and offer suggestions to make your social media and communications most efficient and effective.

Moonphase Creative Consulting and Support Services

We’re more than a content company. Moonphase Creative brings consulting and support services to  We bring affordable plans and hourly rates to your team to keep consulting simple, affordable, and effective. Whether you need us a lot or a little, we come prepared with solutions, insights, tools, and tangible actions to start building your social and communications strategy immediately. Let us help you build your quarterly or monthly social media plan, or develop your blog strategy + email campaign + weekly content strategy. We bring organizational tools and management features like access to monday.com as well as access to analytics reporting.

Consulting and support should be accessible to all businesses. That’s why we keep our prices affordable and our offerings practical and solutions-oriented. Our goal is to



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