Organic Social Media Tips That Work

Organic social media can be an overwhelming process, but most small businesses in 2021 know they need it. However, it’s tough finding the time to create consistent content that rolls out smoothly. And that is why we rolled out our Social Media Support services!

We wanted to offer small businesses and solopreneurs affordable plans that are customized and monitored on the daily to make sure your social ship is sailing smoothing.

Social Media Tips

Going the route of DIY organic social media for your one-person gig or small business can make a lot of sense financially. I say this with the caveat–IF you can commit to being consistent and using social media in a way that benefits your business.

I see people stress about social content and calendars, but then ultimately post content that doesn’t help drive the business to success. There are a few ways to ensure your social is staying on-point, on-brand, and on-course to turn your social presence into a valuable aspect of your small business’s marketing plan.

Social Media Tips by Moonphase Creative. Be confident!


Post valuable information that reinforces your knowledge and expertise.

Be confident in the skills you possess and services you offer! Don’t assume your knowledge is general knowledge. I guarantee that what seems second-nature to you is like gold to someone who doesn’t know what you know.


Post content that is relatable, human, and enjoyable while sticking to your brand.

Connecting as a relatable human being is so incredibly important for today’s business–big or small. Some of the most successful corporate marketing plans involve really relatable social that kills it when it comes to engagement and customer experience.

Social Media Tips by Moonphase Creative. Just be yourself. Yeah. Seriously.


DON’T post promotional/salesy posts very often!

Social Media Tips by Moonphse Creative. Don’t be too salesy!

Did you know that while most people are happy to follow their fave brands, they’re even happier to UNfollow at the first sign of sales posts in social media? The occasional promo is okay, but keep your sales pitch for the newsletter, website, or other appropriate avenues for sales and promotional posts.

Organic Social Media

I want to be clear that we specialize in organic social media. We can help with paid advertising and paid social, but our focus is intentionally on organic social media support services. This is because I believe organic social media is fundamental to every business’s social media plan.

We help you develop content strategy, customized prompts, and hashtag research for your social media. You’ll have access to our favorite tools for planning, scheduling, and analyzing your social media.

Plus, you’ll get feedback from us throughout the week, with frequent check-ins and responses that go beyond an automated newsletter that may or may not be helpful.

What Social Support Customers Say

We absolutely love helping our clients take control of their social media, and hearing their positive feedback makes our day! It also helps us improve our process and build services that really work for our clients.

Tina from Florida had this to say about our organic social media support services:

The social media prompts are great and …the blog post ideas are wonderful…I really appreciate all the work you ladies are putting into this!

And we appreciate our clients!

In addition to customized prompts, blog ideas, and feedback on all your content, we also keep track of your social media performance and offer valuable insights to keep your social media goals on track.

Monthly Meetings, Ongoing Support

Monthly meetings and direct ongoing support at your fingertips is what sets us apart. Our Social Media Support services are built specifically for you, and our team is truly dedicated to your success. While our monthly meeting is an anchor point to solidify your knowledge, content plan, and performance feedback–you’ll have access to us via email for ongoing feedback and support.

Want to take your social to the next level?

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Social Media Tips and More

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