Writer’s Wednesday, The Artist’s Alley, and various posts covering creative and freelance topics! I try to post weekly with updates about the biz, the life, and the creative buzz.

Writer’s Wednesday

Creative Writing, Copy & Content Writing

Wednesdays are for writers and those looking for creative writing discussion and inspiration, as well as informative posts about copy and content writing. Copywriting and content writing are similar but slightly different animals, and are the bread and butter of my writing income. I also hold an MFA in creative writing and previously taught fiction, poetry, and personal essay. I’m hoping this blog can be a revival for my creative writing, too, and I look forward to sharing some posts geared toward the topic.

The Artist’s Alley

Posts within The Artist’s Alley category have to do with visual art, fine art, and illustration. I hope to share current projects and discuss various aspects of visual art here. Because storytelling is so important to me, I’m sure I’ll have a focus on illustration and storyboarding. Commercial art, design, and anything visually related are points of interest, so please don’t hesitate to shoot a message with questions or topic requests.

Weekly Posts

This blog and weekly posts were not a thing I kept up with last year. I cannot tell you how much chaos and growth my little family has seen in the last year, though. I definitely took time away from my professional endeavors to grow and birth a baby in August of 2019, and now my “little” family of six and two cats is complete! This means that, while still chaotic, I’m finally able to turn some attention to my online presence and continue to grow Moonphase Creative.

So I invite you to grow with me. Share your progress and your passion, email me with your topic ideas or suggestions and comments. I really hope Moonphase can become a community of artistically driven people. Art appreciators, creative crafters, and all other talents are welcome!

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