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We try to cover a variety of topics about writing for web communication, social media, and strategy. We definitely love conversations about creative writing, as well as copy and content writing. Copywriting and content writing are similar but slightly different animals, and Moonphase Creative specializes in both in order to help small businesses and solopreneurs succeed in the realm of social media and web presence. I also hold an MFA in creative writing and previously taught fiction, poetry, and personal essay/creative nonfiction.

I took time away from my professional endeavors to grow and birth a baby in August of 2019, and now my “little” family of six and two cats is complete! This means that, while still chaotic, I’m finally able to turn some attention to my online presence and continue to grow Moonphase Creative. I invite you to reach out and say hello, or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about what we’re offering.

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