The Messy Art of Reinventing

Moonphase Creative is a constantly evolving piece of my heart, reflecting my passions and interests in a sincere and earnest way. I want to bring art and instruction to the world in a way that maximizes my reach and minimizes my time spent shuffling around, looking for ways to get everything done.

For this reason, I am combining aspects of my artistic life to help create a more efficient approach and cultivate a routine that values the integration of home, studio, and business. It’s the necessary and messy art of reinventing oneself to maximize the joy and passion in your pursuit.

I am writing this post to bookmark the journey to become an online entity rather than a less efficient brick-and-mortar based one-woman show. Up until now, I have happily held studio space at Cottonwood Center of the Arts, and you can be sure I will still stay closely in touch with my Cottonwood fam, as they have been a crucial part of my growth and development.

Stay tuned for the implementation of these updates, and I hope to be sharing more soon!

Juniper Tree Natural Body Care

I am so excited to embark upon a new journey within Moonphase Creative. This new endeavor is so new and exciting, it deserved its own unique branding and a dedicated name. A few weeks back I created the logo to accompany Juniper Tree Natural Body care, a new line of handcrafted natural body products.

The new body care line is up for grabs on Friday, March 2nd!

I have been making body butters and face oils, oil cleansers, and all manner of oil-based (essential oils as well as avocado, grape seed, apricot, and of course the ever-favorite, coconut oil) for my family for some time now. It was a personal choice, and it seemed the logical thing to do if I didn’t like what I found in stores.

It felt like a personal act of love to make these things for my family–and I enjoyed mixing up my own body and face care, because I found it a soothing and peaceful thing to do. I have enjoyed learning about oils and holistic living the past few years, but it never occurred to me to share my knowledge or sell products–until people started asking what I used for my face, or complimenting something I’m using.

So I’m introducing a few small batches of my faves, crafted based upon my knowledge and experience with oils and holistic health.

What Juniper Tree has so far:

Body Oil

(All have a Coconut Oil Base, making the contents fairly solid when stored below 76 degrees F)

Soothe and Smooth: Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sandalwood and Tea Tree Oil Essential Oils

Sweet Love: Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils

Peace Out: Coconut Oil, Patchouli and Bergamot Essential Oils


Face Oil

Balance: Grape Seed and Almond Oil, Lavender and Tea tree essential oils

Happy Face: Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Grapefruit and Myrrh essential oils

Blessings: Almond Oil, Clary Sage, Myrrh, and Sandalwood essential oils


Also, the Oil Cleansing Method has been my preferred choice of cleansing with wonderful result for about a year now, and I offer a super gentle coconut oil and grapeseed cleanser that can be multi-functional–but I highly recommend it for removing stubborn eye-makeup and taking off the layers of cosmetics and grime we acquire each day!


You can read about the Oil Cleansing Method over at the Wellness Mama Blog, and message me with questions or comments at –or find us on Facebook.



Moonphase Is Growing!

New Business Cards from the wonderful Moo.

Art+ Writing classes are growing and evolving and I feel so inspired by the work I see happening among my students. The classes serve as so much more than a lesson in writing and art (although there are those benefits too!), but a personal journey of self-expression and catharsis.

I am looking to expand my teaching venues and have been collaborating with some amazing folks to find ways to make Art + Writing workshops available to a broader spectrum of our Colorado Springs community. It makes my heart full to know my work can serve as a vessel of personal transformation, and I am honored to be meeting people who can help facilitate the message and work my heart and soul have been quietly piecing together in the past year.

So please stay tuned for more good things, and always feel free to message me to open a dialogue about how Art + Writing could be a good fit for you or someone you know!


Hand-Lettered Happiness

In February, I will be teaching Art+Writing Thursday evening, 6-8 pm at Cottonwood Center for the Arts. I have been giving some thought to the process, and am happy to have a bit of a revised and updated course-curricula developed. The first gen Art+Writing was late 2017, and it was a smidge of a seat-of-the-pantser,  if I am honest. But I loved it!

And I learned from it. Which is how all of my creative classes have evolved in the past. I learn so much from teaching, it is why I love the profession so very much. I learn from my students, from the process, and from every iota of experience that comes into each unique class.


Not my hand lettering, but innit pretty?


The final “project” of the class will be a handmade journal using bits of pieces of techniques and work we develop in the class. I can’t wait to share more with you, but one piece of the class is hand lettering. Hand lettering is all the rage right now, and I think this wonderful art-form can be wildly intimidating for many–but honestly, it is such a mindful and meditative way to focus on a personal mantra or a word of positive encouragement.

So, we will spend some time de-bunking the myth of hand lettered intimidation, and I truly look forward to sharing the art of words with some of you.


I am grateful for so much!

You can head over to the Cottonwood site to sign up for the class, or you can speak with the lovely folk at Cottonwood’s front desk to get enrolled! Please email me, , with questions or comments!

Moonphase Updates

This is me. I’m excited.

I am excited to share updates and information about both my sales AND classes I will be teaching. I’ve updated my Etsy shop, and would love to ship some art to a good home. A lot of my art has been not only a joy to create, but a joy to share, and the process itself has inspired the classes I will be teaching in March & April.

Art for sale in my Etsy:

In addition to creating these darling little paintings that can sit on a desk or mantle, or find their way into gift bags and gift boxes, I’ve created the framework for some classes that I am REALLY excited to share with you.

This is an example of what we will do in the 2 hour workshops that happen on Saturdays at Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

I want to inspire people to creatively take the helm of their daily lives. How can we use art and writing to delve deeper into our personal growth? How can we use words and art to be unique in our self-expression?


I’ve also been exploring some fine art projects/hibernating writing projects; it has been wonderfully busy around Moonphase Creative, and I’m very excited to keep sharing the developments on several projects I’m taking on.

Please email me or find me on social media if you’d like more information on the Art + Writing Class Series or the Illustrator’s Alley series that will start in March at Cottonwood Center for the Arts.

Who I Am

I have long been one of those “open book” people. I’m quick to share and like listening; as a formally trained writer, I look at everyone as a potential story. Good, bad, or otherwise, the way I see the world is forever tinted by my writerly intent.

I don’t write stories for a living now; I am (finally) back to teaching, but I don’t teach creative writing in the capacity I once did. Instead, I took elements of my art education, elements of my writer’s education, and elements of my personal struggle, and I put together classes that I wanted to see birthed into existence.


One such class is the 4 week course from my Art + Writing series, and the premise of the class embraces artfully expressing your written soul. We use creative writing prompts to develop a narrative poem or essay, and then create images with color to further bring the work to life.


Art+ Writing Class


This is, to me, an obvious way to work. But in my five-plus-some years of creative writing and miscellaneous instruction, I never really saw this method being shared or used much. It made sense to slap together my ideas into a 4-week course and go forth and teach what needed to be taught.

Part of what is required in this class, is a certain amount of self-disclosure and a willingness of transparency. Art must be authentic, and as with any art class, this class asks students to bring their authentic self to the practice. It gets personal. Usually I share things, and students share things, and sometimes people cry (in a good way).

It is incredibly rewarding, and as I introspectively examine where I am now and what my 2018 looks like going forward, I realize I am called to *this* page with greater authenticity and honest transparency.


my work, “sitting fairy,” 2017 (prints available! message me!)


I quit teaching and I lost myself to an abusive marriage. I escaped, but barely, and have fought a hard battle to keep my kids safe. Currently, they are safe, but the legal battle is draining in a myriad of ways; much of our fight MUST be kept quiet, for reasons my lawyer would lay out for me sternly in a three page email if I disregarded his advice.


A photo from the small class I taught in-studio last fall.


The hardship we have endured, though, brought the scope of my work and purpose into clearer focus. I am ready to teach and lead, while my own life shapes itself. I am on a journey of healing, of self-discovery, of self-acceptance and braver self-expression. I invite you to follow my journey, to discuss, learn, grow, and share the experiences with us.

I am excited for 2018; will you meet me with your authentic self and grow into the person you are meant to be?

Grateful but Not Grateful, but Really.

Today, despite waking at 5 a.m. and having a very productive agenda on the books, I find myself writing a rushed blog before picking up the kids and picking up something quick for dinner—despite previously having a good dinner AND grocery shopping neatly accounted for in my time budget.

First, my car battery died. Then I got Triple A back in my life, and by 10.30 a.m. (a mere two hour delay), I was ready to roll. And roll I did—into a curb. My tire popped.

While I was standing there at the side of the road, yards from my driveway, the Triple A guy was gassing up his car before his next call, and saw my situation when he pulled back on the road. He took the time to stop and help, and I was so very grateful.


The fancy-fun handlettering I penned while waiting for my new tire.


My tire replacement ended up being free, since the tire was still under warranty, and I went back home mostly satisfied with the delays and issues—after all, it was only 1 pm, and I could work from home.

But then the little things started happening. And one more big thing: my Wacom pen broke. How this even happened, I do not know. What I do know is that I use my Wacom tablet to edit and finish my visual files—and so this was simply a huge dilemma I could not have today, of all days, as I planned to finish, like, FOUR things to submit for work. Also, I realized, I had no paintbrushes (they are at the studio where I planned to be working today), and other various work-impeding things were rudely piling up.

While I patiently waited for my tire fix, I penned “grateful,” in careful, artsy handlettering. And I was grateful, indeed, for all the help and blessings that were tucked inside these delays and mishaps. But at SOME point, I lost it. After about 2 pm with nothing to show for all my efforts, I was plain pissy with the universe for the clever lessons and cute nuggets of wisdom.
Did the universe not understand that finishing these assets and submitting them was important? And crucial to the rest of my short week? So I whined and complained to the universe for a while and then I got this wall art done, and I wish I could tell you had a moment of “turning it around,” with my bad attitude and all. But honestly, I am an hour and a half later than I intended, and feeling pretty rushed even now, and super annoyed that this day ambushed me with such brute force.

I am effing grateful, ok??



Let it Go

As the year winds down, and our lives slip into a colder state of being, I find it is the perfect time to focus on introspection. This is largely why I’ve chosen to focus on aspects of Moonphase that give me joy, and bring the buzz of energetic passion. I want to grow my business from the root of joy—rather than the root of “everything that I can possibly do but don’t have time for.”

The other day, my kids made getting out the door difficult. I mean—really difficult. Like the average one hour ordeal turned to three hours after my three-year-old unzipped my gym bag, dug out my shower bag, unzipped my shower bag and the interior pouches, pulled out some face soap, and slathered her little legs with face soap.

She used enough soap, I think, to wash the faces of every single Miss America contestant post-production. Before the soap incident, I was trying desperately to get everyone out the door—and it was not working. In fact, the more I admonished, pointed, prodded, pleaded, begged, explained…. the more they dilly dallied, dawdled, diddled, and didn’t.

After the soap, though, I thought. Why rush? What will fall apart now that we are three hours late anyway? I mean, really, the time to rush had long since past. Being timely was clearly not going to happen; so why keep rushing and pushing when it made everyone—especially me—so stressed out?

I had a sweet and funny conversation with the three-year-old about soap and skin and mama being so careless in leaving the gym bag out. And we talked about her favorite movie, Frozen. We left the house, without tears, and… my day got a lot worse. But that is neither here nor there, because I had a wonderfully useful revelation:

If it does not serve you, LET IT GO.

The work I love.

That’s what I plan to do as we spiral forward into a new season, a new year, a new cycle. I plan to let go of all those endeavors and expectations that did not serve me. Because of this, I hope to have time to share a bit more regularly on my blog, and offer some useful classes that tap into what I love most about being an artist and writer. I also plan to expand and update my line of little whimsies, while honing my focus to better suit the art that makes me joy-filled.


What have you decided to let go to better live your life? What have you been hanging on to that may not serve you? Feel free to send a message or discuss in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by Moonphase Creative!

Making Stuff

I am a creative freelancer: writing, fine art, and design. It is a passion to help clients achieve a vision that may not be conventional. I believe bringing creative thinking to the practical world is the key to success and thriving beyond “just surviving,” and that kind of unconventional creative approach is what I strive to deliver to clients.

My work has included blogging, illustration and commissioned fine art, as well as freelance professional and creative writing. I have also taught writing, art, and needle arts collectively for somewhere near a decade. Check back here for information about classes, events, and opportunities, as well as creative updates to a smattering of my artistic endeavors.