Organic Social Media Tips That Work

Organic social media can be an overwhelming process, but most small businesses in 2021 know they need it. However, it’s tough finding the time to create consistent content that rolls out smoothly. And that is why we rolled out our Social Media Support services!

We wanted to offer small businesses and solopreneurs affordable plans that are customized and monitored on the daily to make sure your social ship is sailing smoothing.

Social Media Tips

Going the route of DIY organic social media for your one-person gig or small business can make a lot of sense financially. I say this with the caveat–IF you can commit to being consistent and using social media in a way that benefits your business.

I see people stress about social content and calendars, but then ultimately post content that doesn’t help drive the business to success. There are a few ways to ensure your social is staying on-point, on-brand, and on-course to turn your social presence into a valuable aspect of your small business’s marketing plan.

Social Media Tips by Moonphase Creative. Be confident!


Post valuable information that reinforces your knowledge and expertise.

Be confident in the skills you possess and services you offer! Don’t assume your knowledge is general knowledge. I guarantee that what seems second-nature to you is like gold to someone who doesn’t know what you know.


Post content that is relatable, human, and enjoyable while sticking to your brand.

Connecting as a relatable human being is so incredibly important for today’s business–big or small. Some of the most successful corporate marketing plans involve really relatable social that kills it when it comes to engagement and customer experience.

Social Media Tips by Moonphase Creative. Just be yourself. Yeah. Seriously.


DON’T post promotional/salesy posts very often!

Social Media Tips by Moonphse Creative. Don’t be too salesy!

Did you know that while most people are happy to follow their fave brands, they’re even happier to UNfollow at the first sign of sales posts in social media? The occasional promo is okay, but keep your sales pitch for the newsletter, website, or other appropriate avenues for sales and promotional posts.

Organic Social Media

I want to be clear that we specialize in organic social media. We can help with paid advertising and paid social, but our focus is intentionally on organic social media support services. This is because I believe organic social media is fundamental to every business’s social media plan.

We help you develop content strategy, customized prompts, and hashtag research for your social media. You’ll have access to our favorite tools for planning, scheduling, and analyzing your social media.

Plus, you’ll get feedback from us throughout the week, with frequent check-ins and responses that go beyond an automated newsletter that may or may not be helpful.

What Social Support Customers Say

We absolutely love helping our clients take control of their social media, and hearing their positive feedback makes our day! It also helps us improve our process and build services that really work for our clients.

Tina from Florida had this to say about our organic social media support services:

The social media prompts are great and …the blog post ideas are wonderful…I really appreciate all the work you ladies are putting into this!

And we appreciate our clients!

In addition to customized prompts, blog ideas, and feedback on all your content, we also keep track of your social media performance and offer valuable insights to keep your social media goals on track.

Monthly Meetings, Ongoing Support

Monthly meetings and direct ongoing support at your fingertips is what sets us apart. Our Social Media Support services are built specifically for you, and our team is truly dedicated to your success. While our monthly meeting is an anchor point to solidify your knowledge, content plan, and performance feedback–you’ll have access to us via email for ongoing feedback and support.

Want to take your social to the next level?

Let’s chat!

Social Media Tips and More

For more social media tips and news from Moonphase Creative, sign up for our newsletter–an occasional presence in your inbox that seeks to be more helpful than anything. Have a specific question? Ask us anything! You can email me personally (, or find us on social media: @thatcopywriterlady

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Our Social Media Support Team

The Moonphase team is growing and evolving to focus more on social media support services and consulting! I’m proud to welcome Jocelyn Wendt to the team as well, and together we’re delivering more when it comes to social media strategy and support for small businesses.

Meet Jocelyn! Part of the Moonphase Creative crew. Photo by Kelsey Ann Shaw

Moonphase Creative is offering less content creation and more consultation, social media support, and strategy these days. Why? Because it allows us to help more people. We wanted to craft tailor-made services that support small businesses, budding brands, and local companies as they develop their social media strategy, marketing plans, and communications.

While Moonphase still offers copy and content services, you’ll find more affordable and accessible plans that allow you access to our favorite tools, monthly consultation and support meetings. Plus, we offer unlimited text and email support to keep your business blooming in social content.

How Does Social Media Support Work?

How does social media support and consultation work? Our team is dedicated to solving your social media problems and offering you valuable strategy, insights, informed feedback based on our analytics, and a firm foundation in branding/image coaching and communications strategy. With our combined experience and specific areas of interest, Jocelyn and I bring a friendly, confident team to your fingertips.

social media brand content building
Let us help you build your brand and support your social media strategy!

If you have questions about social media best-practices, posting schedules, or engagement strategies, we can take a personalized look at your business and offer tailored insights that consider more than just what Google says in general. We also offer insight pertaining to not only what you’re posting, how often you’re posting, but also how you’re posting. Communication strategy matters! We look at your branding, messaging, and the platforms you’re utilizing and offer suggestions to make your social media and communications most efficient and effective.

Moonphase Creative Consulting and Support Services

We’re more than a content company. Moonphase Creative brings consulting and support services to  We bring affordable plans and hourly rates to your team to keep consulting simple, affordable, and effective. Whether you need us a lot or a little, we come prepared with solutions, insights, tools, and tangible actions to start building your social and communications strategy immediately. Let us help you build your quarterly or monthly social media plan, or develop your blog strategy + email campaign + weekly content strategy. We bring organizational tools and management features like access to as well as access to analytics reporting.

Consulting and support should be accessible to all businesses. That’s why we keep our prices affordable and our offerings practical and solutions-oriented. Our goal is to



Social Media Management: Favorite Tools

Social media management and content creation: when clients work with us, what does that look like? Well, let’s talk about the tools we use to make the process clear and engaging for our social media clients! There are plenty of tools that are more specific to our specialized end of the creative process–like Adobe Suite. But there are plenty of tools we use for content creation and social media that make life a lot easier for our clients.

With project management and collaboration on, I’m able to collaborate with fellow freelancers and also let my clients see our process, offer feedback and comments, and approve content before it’s anywhere near the scheduler. This makes it a lot less stressful and transparent for our team and for our clients.

We also use Iconosquare to track metrics and social media performance. We monitor the growth, traffic, engagement, and much more for all the social account we manage for clients, and we offer access to Iconosquare account tracking in certain consultation and strategy packages where clients may execute their own social media plan but work with us on a monthly basis for consulting and strategy and planning.


How We Use to Make Project Management Fun and Functional


I love because it’s so incredibly visual and customizable for the many aspects of different projects we need to oversee. Moonphase Creative has its own board for internal planning, teams, and strategies–plus each client and external project has a dedicated board where collaborators, freelancers, and clients can contribute, collaborate, and offer feedback.

The nice thing about is its versatility. I use boards for planning content, creating calendars, and delegating tasks across different areas of big and small projects that span quarterly timeframes or just a few weeks.


The visual aspect of is just plain pleasing–so that’s a silly bonus. But, truly, the intuitive nature of the UX does make it an overall pleasing tool to use, and collaborators and clients typically find it pretty easy to pick up and navigate.

Here’s a quick explainer I made for a client a while back. We don’t often made video/sound pieces, so forgive the lack of polish! However, if you find this helpful, let us know and we’ll make an effort to create even better video/audio content!

If you’d like to explore, we have a link for that!


Social Media Analytics with Iconosquare

I’m not sure where I’d be without Iconosquare for offering my clients a useful snapshot of how their social media is performing. Moonphase accounts as well as client social accounts are synced through Iconosquare to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and beyond metrics. The metrics that matter can be toggled in various ways to zoom in on areas you want to know more about. Plus, the real-time syncing can offer great insight as to how a certain post is performing, or how different types of content attract different kinds of engagement.

Hovering over certain metrics gives a better idea about the details behind the number. Most things are clickable to offer greater insight, and analytics can be tracked, toggled, and explored in many ways to offer insights to social media accounts. Image: Moonphase Creative

For instance, Iconosquare recently showed how carousels and videos were outperforming single-picture posts (no surprise there!), but then I was able to delve deeper into the data and surmise that posting videos and single-picture posts within a closer timeframe window augmented engagement, impressions, and overall performance.

Iconosquare allows us to look at quarterly, daily, or any customizable timeframe for social media analytics. Keep it simple, or dive into the complex–this is why it’s the perfect tools for professionals who need to collaborate and communicate with clients. Image: Moonphase Creative

I like the clean design that makes data easy to read. My head gets very excited for data and I could spend all day considering metrics and developing strategy. However, my clients don’t often feel the same way–that’s why, of course, they hire me. Iconosquare is a great tool not just for my own nerdy analysis, but also because it displays data in a very pleasing, presentable way and that makes meetings a lot better.

Adobe Suite and Creative Assets

But of course, Adobe Suite gets a mention. I use Adobe for photo editing, stock images and assets, and InDesign is my go-to for all kinds of things in branding, print, copy, and creative projects. I wish I were more proficient in Illustrator, but I’m still learning that beast. I collaborate with so many developers, designers, and talented creatives, though–having the Adobe Suite is a daily must in the Moonphase office.

Before We Go, a Few More!

Too many tools to name, honestly, and so I’ll drop a few more faves here:

Envato (creative assets, resources, and inspo!)

Pexels (a totally free resource!)

HoneyBook (for contracts, invoicing, and all the things you wish you had a secretary for)

Just a note for a fully transparent disclaimer! A few of the links in this post are affiliate links to some of our most tried and true products and solutions!


I’m sure we’ll be revisiting some of these and more in the future! If you have any tools you can’t live without as a creative professional, let us know! I’m always looking for ways to refine our workflow and perfect the Moonphase process.


Until next time,


Marketing as a Small Business in 2021

Marketing in 2021 might be different for small businesses and solopreneurs. Social media is going to be queen, and the art of the launch is going to be crucial. Those are my predictions, at least, and I’d love to hear what your take on 2021 is.

And what is your marketing going to look like in 2021? Are you ready to plan your web sales strategy? Or are you looking to focus more on your branding and presence and create a community that customers love to support. I’m going to cover a few basics of how to make the most of simple marketing for small businesses right now.

Regardless of what 2020 brought you–disarray, uncertainty, grief, tragedy–you’re reading this right now so you did survive. This speaks something to your fortitude and perseverance, even if it doesn’t feel that way. While this year for sure brought huge challenges, heartbreak, and uncertainty to the world–I have personally been blessed with a lot of growth. And my growth is in large part thanks to the wonderful community I work with, so a huge thank you to everyone who has connected with Moonphase Creative in some way, shape or form.

I now want to share our growth with you and ask how you’re reaching your marketing goals. Are you looking at boosting your social media presence and power? Are you creating a course and offering a specific launch package? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit driving you to conquer 2021 with something new and exciting?

Here’s my advice surrounding things to consider as you plan your marketing strategy in 2021:

Get Clear on Your Offer

What are you offering your customers? You have about two seconds to snag their attention. Did you succeed?

If you need help clarifying your offer and marketing your message, we’ve got you. We offer strategy and consultation surrounding your message and voice. We offer content strategy and content creation, copy and content writing and social media marketing services that will help you master your marketing in a simple and authentic way.

Create a Focused Funnel

You’ve heard about funnels by now. They’re all the rage. Maybe they’ve gotten a tad bit stale or over-done–but they’re still effective. With the ingenuity of entrepreneurs everywhere, it’s pretty certain that funnels won’t be going anywhere in the near future.

As you design a launch and sales funnel, that clear offer will be key. Carefully plan the stages and create content that will lead potential customers to what they want. Creating offers that entice clicks is only part of the battle–you’ll want to design the landing page in such a way that people feel committed and compelled to click.

We offer help with creating copy and content for the landing page that will drive traffic and fuel your funnel, so be in touch to discuss ways our copywriting services can help you focus your launch efforts.

Content is King! You need quality content, consistently. Image: Adobe Stock

Even if you’re not interested in creating the quintessential “launch,” the overall approach can be valuable to your small business growth strategy. We always recommend clients take a look at strategy and plan quarterly. Having an idea of mini campaigns within each quarter will help your marketing stay focused, while also giving you a better idea of how different things perform. These valuable insights will also help your future endeavors, and so on.

Collect Data and Take Names

Part of marketing success has more to do with long-term opportunities than short-term sales. While a one-time purchase is nice, a lifetime customer and loyal follower is priceless. You’ll want to craft your launch to collect useful info for those who participate–even if they only opt-in for freebies. Everyone likes a good freebie!

Once you have that data: email addresses and folks signed up to learn more about you and your expertise–you’ll want to follow up with consistent, useful outreach. Yes, I’m talking about newsletters.

Want help sorting the moving pieces of your marketing plan? Image: Adobe Stock

Some say daily, some say monthly–I recommend weekly in a perfect world. But most importantly–consistency is key. Good content that has value is also key. Consistently create newsletters that offer relevant knowledge, useful links, and helpful tools to keep your customers coming back.

(Creating content for newsletters might seem overwhelming. We can help you with that, too.)

Plan Ahead

Telling folks to plan ahead seems a bit… parental. But it’s true. That’s where having a clear offer, focused plan, and well-thought out strategy with consistent follow-through is absolutely crucial. I highly recommend a quarterly strategy, or at the very least a monthly plan! My tiny agency efficiently and effectively handles the social media of multiple clients and our guiding light is always the content map we create with the input and collaboration of our clients!

It’s something you can learn to do with some time and effort, but this article really outlines why outsourcing might be more than worth it. If you’re ready to talk about planning ahead and utilizing a marketing strategy in 2021, contact us to find out how we’re helping small businesses and entrepreneurs master their marketing.

B2B Copywriting & Storytelling

Hi, I’m Angi, and I am a storyteller who works a lot with B2B copywriting. My job as a copywriter is actually all about storytelling. My job is also about: creating brand identity, developing a persona of credibility and authority, connecting and engaging people and communities. I do all of those things through storytelling. So, to simplify my job description: I am a B2B storyteller.

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with B2B MARKETING concept related words imprinted on metal surface
As a creative, B2B marketing gets my gears turning in a different way–but it still revolves around the story I’m trying to sell. Image: Adobe

I recently had someone tell me, in short, that my job shouldn’t exist. Apparently, deliverables sell themselves, and storytelling is simply not needed. Especially–I surmised–in B2B. The whole point of this person’s comment seemed that B2B is simply about providing services and products from one business to another.

People buy the outcomes, it was explained to me.

B2B copywriting is not needed in this commenter’s view because the deliverables sell themselves.


Thanks for that opinion, but as one who works in B2B copywriting, advertising, and marketing, I can tell you that… stories sell. They just do. We, as humans, are innate storytellers, and by that token–we are innate story seekers.

B2B Needs Stories, Too

Even in B2B, we need stories. The story of what your ideal business client is doing and why they need your company’s *insert valuable thing that everyone should know about* is incredibly important.

Without a marketing plan and strategy, how will people find out about your amazing product or service or magical deliverable? If I don’t tell you, you won’t know. A few might search for this thing they so obviously need, and maybe they’ll find your copy. But chances are, they won’t.

B2B copywriting is most effective when we relate the deliverable and its value as a story. Even reviews, in and of themselves, are stories. People share how a company’s deliverable did or didn’t create a solution or desirable outcome.

B2B Copywriting Has Benefits

There are many businesses who benefit from B2B copywriting. I would also dare to say B2B copywriting is not so different than client-facing copy, except that it often requires a deeper understanding of specific knowledge areas. However, humanizing B2B is a growing trend, and I am all for it.

Color Wheel of Marketing strategy client personas
Knowing your target persona is just as important in B2B marketing, because ultimately businesses are still comprised of humans. Image: Pexels

Businesses are run by people, and many would tell you that businesses are built on relationships. Stories sell because people like stories, and stories help us understand everything better. Stories become a way for us to envision things and we automatically search for a way to insert our own self into the narrative. This is why, in Storybrand by Donald Miller, the big chunk of wisdom is create a story that your ideal client is the star of. Help them win the award/solve the mystery/conquer the thing. You are not the star–your client is. You are the solution, the road home, the whole plot fixer.

Storytelling for B2B vs. B2C

Storytelling as a marketing strategy is much more common in B2C, but B2B copywriting often relies on storytelling. Especially beyond plain copy: social media, content, and more can lend itself to the creation of a brand’s identity and define their authority.

B2B isn’t so different from that client-facing marketing strategy. B2B copywriting often aims to explain and educate, while also selling companies on products they may or may not need. This is why, fundamentally, storytelling is still effective in your B2B strategy. We are all, of course, humans–and that is why we need to humanize B2B.

Because B2B copywriting is written by humans, for humans, it must come from some seed of humanity, and to argue otherwise is dismissive of most anything fundamental to the basics of Marketing 101. To say that B2B copywriting is irrelevant and that stories don’t sell is ignorant. Until two days ago, I would have thought this was an obvious statement. However, the negation of my career’s value really did make me think about what I do and what value it brings.

In the search for B2B storytelling examples, you’ll find plenty of examples like this one. And so, I was able to remind myself that what I do has value, and I’m probably doing just fine in my field. I hope this blog post helped educate on B2B marketing and why it’s just as creative as any other marketing field. And I hope it perhaps offered some encouragement or validation to my peers and friends who are also creating narrative, stories, and strategies that sell (even in B2B).


Until next time,





How (and What) to Write for Business

In two weeks we’ll launch the first night of:

How (and What) to Write for Business

We will be covering ways you can boost your written communication and write better blogs, craft awesome emails, and communicate fo your business with brand, tone, and messaging in mind. We will be offering a lot of tips and tricks and solid info, as well as a real-world assignment that you can use in your own business endeavors. You’ll write a blog and/or email for business, applying the things we learn and discuss in class.

Day international school teachers blackboard books brazil
Get creative. Start communicating in a whole new way with Moonphase Creative’s Writing Course. image: Adobe Stock.

The second night of class (and final class! yes, short and sweet), you’ll receive constructive feedback and ways to keep carrying your writing to the next level. We’re keeping the class small and personable in order to facilitate a COVID-19 friendly setting, and to ensure each student gets the best in personalized feedback and individualized instruction.

Teaching to Empower

I’m teaching business owners, employees, and self-employed folks how to write for business in order to empower your career journey. Learning how to write for business with marketing in mind goes beyond simple grammar mechanics. We will cover ideas surrounding Call to Action, structuring a blog post, utilizing keywords and doing market research in order to craft your message with strategy and purpose.

Learn to create compelling written communication for your business. Image: Pexels

You’ll be doing some real world work to research, formulate, and craft writing that really responds to our discussion and the things we’ll be talking about. From content creation and content strategy, to planning your social media, we’ve got a lot in store for this class.

Wednesday, September 16th & 23rd

We plan to offer classes continually on Wednesday evenings, and the first will be held September 16th and 23rd, from 5 to 6.30 pm. The class takes place in downtown Colorado Springs at Wolf & Key Marketing, located at your 745 E. Pikes Peak Avenue

You’ll head home from the first evening with an assignment, armed with information about how to complete the writing assignment with things like

  • Blog Post Structure & How to Organize for SEO
  • How to Write with Keywords
  • Word counts
  • How to Write Effectively
  • Brand Communication & Messaging

Come prepared with a notebook and pen/pencil (required) and a laptop or iPad if you have one (not required). The cost is $60, and limited to five students, so you’ll want to get in touch ASAP to reserve your spot.

Good Writing Takes Practice

Good writing takes time, and it takes practice. I’m often hired by those who do not have the time to devote to blog writing or email marketing, and I can be a huge help to those who have the budget and bandwidth. However, I get that many small business owners and solopreneurs are wearing every hat in the business. That was my real motivation in forming this class.

I wanted to offer an affordable class that didn’t demand weeks of commitment, but offered the opportunity to learn some really helpful stuff about writing for business. How do you choose blog topics? How often should you be posting on social media? What is content strategy? How do you write a solid email campaign?

The take home assignment will leave you with real-world application and positive feedback. Image: Pexels

My goal is to look at the writing itself, rather than tools and platforms, so while we might go over a few things like MailChimp or WordPress blogs, the overall focus of this class is writing and writing alone. I’m happy to help students go beyond and learn more, but for the purposes of this class we will focus on your writing skills, developing really clear, strong communication that is very easily plugged into the platforms so that when your writing goes live, you feel proud and confident about the messages you’re publishing.

Moonphase Creative Classes: Live, In-Person, Online

So far, this class will only be available In-Person, but I’m hoping to expand into online accessibility and various forms of recorded and live classes. I’ll be exploring platforms and options on my end, and of course you can email me with any suggestions you might have.

Want more information on this class or other opportunities to learn and connect? Please contact Moonphase Creative and let us know what your writing needs are.

COVID 19 Classroom Precautions

We are keeping the class small (Limit 5!) to be mindful of COVID 19, and to help ensure an educational experience that is personalized and meets students in a unique and direct way. We also will require masks, as per state guidelines. Probably the coolest part? Wolf & Key Marketing will have a whole wall that can be opened (weather allowing) for optimal airflow and extra ventilation.

If you have any questions or concerns about our in-person learning opportunity, again, please reach out to discuss upcoming online learning options and let us know how we can continue to develop our educational outreach to better serve our community.

Colorado Springs & Beyond

Of course, teaching in-person (let’s be honest–I MISS PEOPLE!! Which is saying something, as I’m an introvert), is only easy if you are also be in the Springs. Again, we are working on ways to connect and educate online. Innovation has never been a strong suit when it comes to technology, if I’m honest, so bear with us as Moonphase Creative once again evolves and expands to meet the evolution of this crazy universe we’re spinning through.

We hope to see you soon, in the classroom or around the blog and in the comments.


Until next time,


SEO in 2020: Easy Tricks to Start Conquering Now

When I started writing copy and content in 2017, SEO was relatively new to me and it seemed like a magical locked box of tricks. The fact is, though, SEO doesn’t have to be super complicated: it takes a little ingenuity in the way you think about your structure and word-choice, but the New Google, especially, wants you to be real. Real human, that is. See, packing in the keywords nonsensically is going to lose you points, but being authentic, natural and genuine in your approach–with a little keyword savvy research–will be the ultimate winner in your web copy and content strategy.

You may ask, is SEO even worth the investment in 2020? The answer is definitely yes, and I suggest you check out that link to learn more about exactly how and why SEO in 2020 is changing and evolving, and you don’t want to be left behind.

How do you become an SEO writing guru? You research stuff, stay aware of trends, and look for places to contribute your work. Networking and being part of the communities that matter to you and your business are incredibly important, and if you’re really invested in what you do because you enjoy the work, the networking won’t feel tedious (hopefully).

I’ll cover a few tips, derived from the SEO Master himself, Neil Patel, and what he has to say about SEO in 2020.

Be People Focused

I feel like one of the main goals of Moonphase Creative is to always be people focused. Google agrees this is a hugely important aspect of conquering SEO. But, beyond SEO writing, being people focused is simply the best thing you can do for your business, brand, or company. Building a brand that is focused on the stories of your clients is a brand that will ultimately connect more authentically and this leads to the kind of real engagement you need to grow.

Being engaged with the community around you, listening, and taking notes will pay off in the end as you build your business as a writer (or as any kind of freelance creative).

Finding ways to connect and engage in 2020 kind of through us all for a loop. In some ways, I think the flexible savvy of freelancers saved the day for a lot of companies, especially small and medium companies. I know I, as a small-time freelancer, focused on offering social media help to some local folks who owned impacted businesses like Genesis Dance Conservatory in our hometown.

But I also saw freelancers everywhere scrambling to replenish their losses when retainer clients disappeared, and the whole market shifted to a strange and unsettled place of cautious evolution. This brings me to my (or to Neil’s) next point:

Stay on Top of Trends

Staying on top of SEO trends involves a few of the points further down on Neil’s list of ten things to consider for SEO in 2020. But, basically, research and networking to stay actively connected and engaged with conversations about your niche topic. The thing about writing is, it isn’t about writing. Writing is never (rarely) about writing… this blog post is sort of an example, and, really, this entire blog/website is a strange exception. Usually, writers find themselves writing about anything but writing. I’m remembering the time I wrote all about septic tanks and also the time I wrote about auto restoration.

See, trends matter, and knowing how to research your topics and plug in the top writing trends will be absolutely key in crafting killer blog posts that help gain organic traffic and get you leads to the next thing, and the next thing, and the…

Follow your passion. Whatever you’re writing about, make sure it’s relevant. Research the topic, research the trend, and–as every writing teacher will tell you–write what you know.

Constantly research, dig and search for content ideas that will speak to the trends but also authentically speak to the heart of your brand and brand messaging. Building your brand identity while also answering to the trends can seem like tricky terrain, but I promise as you gain experience in crafting your brand message, you’ll figure out the best way to tell your brand story, stay relevant to trends, and turn your messaging into engagement.

Contribute More Places & Plan Strategically

I’m combining a couple of SEO 2020 tips in this article, because I think building your content plan out strategically is an awesome tip. It takes some foresight and *actual planning* but it is a great way to encourage long-term engagement, and the perfect opportunity to strategically reach out to more places to guest post and contribute your knowledge elsewhere.

Planning strategically can help fill your social media calendar with links and cross-sharing opportunities to really boost your social media reach. Once I began writing web copy, then blogs, I realized how simple and smart it would be to add social media management into our offerings. Strategically building a social media plan that involves a month of curated content that moves seamlessly across platforms takes some intentional thinking, planning, and knowledge about market and trends–but the overall polish this next-level brand communication and presence adds to your company is priceless.

Consider the trends, then go beyond to create an arc of strategic content that tells a story, pitches the sale, and connects with the audience all at once. It take a little out-of-the box thinking, but you can totally do it with a little foresight, SEO, and creative elbow grease!

My final tip is specifically for the writers, and yeah, it also comes off that list by Neil Patel about writing for SEO in 2020. But this is the one I personally love most, and is truly the bread-and-butter of Moonphase Creative:

Master the Long Form

You have probably heard me talk about writing the ideal blog post, which basically requires you to master the long form. A blog post should have a minimum of 1,000 words, contain a few great images, and some external and internal links to help your site both algorithmically and organically. I’m not a super tech-focused sort, so organic SEO is more my style. This requires that special attention be given to the long form, and I always start with my monthly blog topic ideas, and build my shorter-form social media strategy around those larger blog articles. The long form will help you assert your authority, share your value, and overall connect with your audience. So, even though the long form can be tedious, it’s one of the best ways to get your brand going.

I hope these tips helped, and I’ll be talking more about writing for the web in future posts. Moonphase Creative offers copy and content, strategy and consulting for your social media and website/blogging needs, as well as social media management. If you’re looking for a little help in those departments, please connect to see what we can do for you.

Until next time,

Artboard 25 copy 2


Raise Your Voice: Write Louder

Writing for the web can feel like shouting off a cliff into a strong wind that carries your words absolutely nowhere. So I thought I would offer a little class on Blog Writing in an intentional way that can help boost your visibility, credibility, and overall staying-power in the world of web marketing relevance.

If that “shouting off of a cliff into a strong wind sort of feeling” sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing to put your website’s blogging endeavors out there. Increasing your visibility on the web and within social media is crucial–and one of the best ways to do that is by sharing weekly or regularly  updated blog posts.


Because Blogging Boosts your Credibility

Writing a blog gives you a chance to share on the topics you know most about. It’s a great way to share your expertise and show that you know what you’re talking about to potential customers and clients.


Hiring a writer to do the writing for you can save a lot of time, and a good copywriter can research and write on topics you provide with a little fact-checking and approval from you before it goes live. So, though it seems daunting and impossible, it is actually really doable if you outsource the time-consuming task of writing a great post that’s over a thousand words long on a weekly basis.

Plus, you’ll…

Have the Perfect Shareable Content

If you have a blog post that is fresh and new on a weekly basis, you have a whole new thing to share every week: the perfect shareable content created by you. Plus, you can also talk about the topic more on social media, direct people to your blog, and create more traffic and interest this way.

Especially if you feel the topic has buzzworthy interest status or will be really useful to your clients and audience, feel free to share and boost your social media posts to keep climbing that ladder of visibility, encouraging more engagement, and reaching out for more authentic connections that lead to sales and conversions.

Two Blog Posts a Week Give you Powerful Social Media Opportunities

If you can aim for two blog posts a week, that’s great. I honestly miss that mark pretty much every week, but I do have my calendar “soft-scheduled” for Monday and Wednesday. I aim for Monday and Wednesday, and having it on my calendar helps me stay committed and aware of those deadlines. Missing a day won’t be the end of it all. The end is when you decide you’ve missed three posts, so what’s the point? And you give up. That is the end, but only because you decided it is the end.

If you are having trouble coming up with content, think about your industry and what kinds of things your clients are often asking about? Do you notice certain aspects of your job that clients seem often confused by? Take blog posts as an opportunity to educate and inform. It definitely helps your business to increase your authority and trust on the subject you work with–and it will encourage people to reach out with more questions and even inspire them to hire you if it seems like your take on the matter seems particularly perfect.

Write Louder with Better Headers

Writing with strong headlines and titles is really important, and it can be an art unto itself. While I’m a creative person, I admit this is honestly not my strong suit. However, you can do as I say and not as I do (though I sometimes try), and follow these easy tips for making headlines and titles that stick:

  1. Use numbers and lists. Think of headlines you’ve seen…. “5 Tips to…” or “This List of 3 Things…”
  2. Use blazing words that spark interest. And, yeah, I know–we all know that “amazing” post is clickbait. But sometimes not…. Using buzz words like these still play well with humans and algorithms. Make sure your info and writing is on-point and true to your vision, but don’t avoid those catchy titles just because you feel a little silly.
  3. Include tight phrasing that include keywords. My keywords include writing/write/writer, so I am going to use the word write pretty often in my titles. But not always, because I do have other keywords I want to rank for as well–and sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

Blog Posts are: Time Consuming. Fun. Necessary.

So, Class, which best describes the act of writing blog posts:

A. Time Consuming

B. Fun

C. Necessary

D. All of the Above


Answer: All of the Above. Image via Pexels

Answer: All of the Above


Or, possibly A & C if you’re not a writer who enjoys coming up with topics, research, and ideas for blog posts. As a small business, a solopreneur, or any business model that benefits from social media marketing–you should be considering blogging one of your top five tools to boost your social media marketing.

If you’re looking for more tips on blog writing, check out these resources or contact us to find out how Moonphase Creative can help you develop a blogging schedule, a strategy, and solutions for sticking to it.

Get Your Blog On

If you aren’t sure where to start, feel free to reach out and start a conversation with Moonphase Creative. We offer blog writing services and consultation to help you meet your web marketing and communication goals. Have a story but not sure how to tell it? Have ideas but not sure how to organize it? Need blog posts but don’t have the time?

We’ve got you.

Until next time,


Angi, Owner of Moonphase Creative.






Hey Solopreneurs! Are you ready to rise up?

When this morning hit, I really thought I was going to slay the day. By 9.30, I was my third diaper change, so hey–no one could say I wasn’t being productive! But I was so ready for naptime, so I could get to the keyboard and tell you all about this latest thing Moonphase Creative is offering.

Custom Package with Special Pricing for Black Owned/Female Owned Small-Business Owners

I’m offering customized writing/service packages and special pricing for black-owned and/or female owned small-business owners and solopreneurs. See, when I left my ex-husband three years ago, I was knee-deep in oppression and struggling to make my way. In a world where childcare is the cost of a mortgage and employers are more concerned about their bottomline than employee health, getting to a point of freelance freedom was absolutely crucial to the survival of me and my three girls.

So with all this political uprising and an uncomfortable zoom-in on the unjust ways of our world, I’m here to be part of the solution and extend help however I can. If you happen to be a solopreneur and happen to be black and/or female, please contact me. First consultation is always free, but I want to talk to you about how you CAN become a successful small business owner. I want to help you find a path that works for you. As a copywriter/editor and illustrator with some knowledge of content creation and strategy, I’m confident we can figure out the blueprints of a career that can grow.

LGBTQ+ Crowd Welcome, Too

Not to be exclusive, and definitely welcoming all rainbow fam–I want to welcome the LGBTQ+ crowd into this offer, too. See, when you’re struggling on the peripheral of society, you can get so caught up in daily survival, trying to make it through the trauma and societal norm navigating just to avoid panic attacks–strategizing your business can seem like an afterthought.

Moonphase Creative is focusing on the LGBTQ Community to help LGBTQ solopreneurs slay the day. Image found at Pexels

I’m here to connect and use my skills as a solopreneur in the freelance world to help you develop your ideas, define your path, and execute a plan. Our first consultation is always free, and I know a lot can be accomplished in that initial meeting. If you’re ready for more, we have plans and packaging that can be engineered to fit your budget because right now, I’m giving back to the world that has so graciously given to me.


Others Lifted Me Up… Now it is MY Turn

When I left my situation a little over three years ago, I was emotionally battered, physically exhausted, and mentally stretched thin. Traditional employment quickly showed itself to be an impossibility for many reasons. I was a single mom of three, and all three were already needing tons of therapy due to the trauma we were all escaping and navigating.

This was me holding my beautiful girls after a fruitless shift in retail. Shortly after leaving my abusive marriage, I worked for not a lot of money and it mostly complicated my situation, rather than adding value. Enter: Freelance Freedom.

Beyond that, there was a police investigation and lawyer-stuff happening on the daily… I was in no shape to be dropping my kids off at daycare and going off to work in retail or wherever else. Jumping back into teaching after a five year absence while my ex-husband degraded me and convinced me I wasn’t able or worthy wasn’t going to be so easy, either.

But I could write and I could draw/design. I held an MFA in Writing; I had studied art and animation. I had a few skills, and I knew I could sail my own ship. This was how it all began, and I registered Moonphase Creative as a writing and illustration sole proprietorship, and did my best to jump in and build my empire.

It Takes Time… but you CAN

Building your freelance career takes time, but you can definitely do it. I want to avoid telling you it’s easy and you’ll have a great income in six-months, because that wasn’t my personal experience and I’m all about transparency. I was lucky to meet a few great mentors and learn a few hard lessons right at the starting line, and this definitely helped me shape my path and achieve eventual success.

Let’s figure out where you are and where you’re going–and if Moonphase Creative can help. Image: Andrea Piacquadio

Every day is a learning experience, and some days will be more productive, more successful than others. Due diligence will reveal results, though, and I want to help others work on the plan to get you where you want to be.

Let’s Find Your Niche

Let’s talk about your goals and interest and find your niche if you’re still wandering in search of it. And let’s see how you can start building your plan. Please contact me to get chatting, and I’m so excited to talk about what we can do for you. Or keep an eye on our website to see new posts rolling out about being a small business in the land of niches.

I’m a writer and illustrator and I’ve often said the beauty of my job is that I’m not limited to any single subject or sector. But if I’m honest, I love working with fitness peeps: exercise, bodybuilding, nutrition, and more. I also love working with woman-owned businesses that somehow relate to the service industry, motherhood, or female-centric products and services. I felt weird saying that for a while, but it’s true. And I also love working with creative out-of-the-box niches that have a place and a purpose but are sometimes hard to nail down. One of my very favorite projects to have helped launched into the world? This Sex Positive Education website.

If this sounds like we would be a good fit, let’s get together and talk about what your options might be. I can hand you some resources and ideas, and we can have a coffee chat by Zoom or by phone to go over the details of what you’re doing, where you’re headed, and how Moonphase Creative can help.

A Thoughtful Response to Schessa Garbutt’s “Black Lives Matter is Not a Design Challenge”


The article shared on Medium’s Design Toast at the beginning of June made a lot of great points about virtue signaling and how garnering likes for social justice sketches is a less than okay way to respond to the Black Lives Movement. To be honest, I was sitting in my cozy seat of white privilege doing exactly nothing because I felt it was my place to do nothing when I got a message from my friend that catapulted me into action. I agreed with all the points of Garbutt’s article, and I still do agree with the points—but I wanted to respond in case the article might shut-down some actually on-point actions and responses to BLM for fear of being the wrong kind of help.

Close up of old English dictionary page with word privilege
I was sitting cozy in my white privilege until a friend reached out. Image: Adobe Stock


The message I received was a tearful, exhausted confessional of emotions and maybe a decade or more worth of her personal and silent struggle to pretend it’s all okay and race issues in America aren’t all that bad. She and her family have been living the struggle on the daily, but her public persona would never let you in on that fact.

“I’ve been up all night. I fear for the lives of my kids—my husband could have lost his last night.”

You see, her (black) husband had been peacefully protesting the day before, and before he could come home, Columbus, OH police kettled the protesters for six hours before letting people leave. People tried to get in their cars and leave, but police were forcibly removing them from vehicles and “beating their faces off,” my friend related to me.

It was at this point I decided I couldn’t sit by and say this isn’t my fight because I’m white and I don’t belong. Being intentional about purchasing take-out from black-owned local restaurants suddenly seemed like a paltry contribution. Reaching out to say, “you okay?” to my black friends seemed hardly enough. And now, I had a friend reaching out to me in fear saying very blatantly, we need your help.

We need your voices right now because when black people speak up here, it doesn’t mean as much. We need white voices to help lift up the black voices.”

So, if you are white/privileged/otherwise leading a comfortably entitled existence but wanting to contribute in some way for the right reasons, let’s have a look at some ways to do this productively–and some of these do completely echo Garbutt’s suggestions. Her words are what I, as a white writer/illustrator/communicator, need to be listening to first before responding. If you haven’t read her article, please do click on this link.


  1. Defer to the black community about what is needed.
  2. If you are a white person, be cognizant of the racism embedded in your community. Talk about it. Educate your community. Be an ambassador.
  3. Be really aware of what your goals and intentions are with your work.
  4. Find ways to give back to the black community through your work.
  5. Feature black-owned businesses, connect and collaborate with black creatives, and find ways to utilize the works and voices of the black community.



Image from Adobe Stock


After this article was published over at Medium, I heard a few creatives discussing it in various forums. I digested the message and double-checked my actions, and truly felt my work was coming from the right place—but I decided to keep evaluating and adjusting the way I approached things.


But then I got an email from a local designer friend whom I know is genuinely, deeply committed to the causes of social justice and change. She had been working on some truly beautiful works for our print efforts, but she said, “well, as per this article, maybe I shouldn’t even put these out there.”


I responded, “no I think you should keep doing the work—let’s just be mindful how and when and where we put stuff out there.”

Because, you see, this friend has experience with oppression and missed opportunities, judgment, and assumptions because of being differently abled. She is deaf and has experienced audism (which I did not know about and she educated me to understand this term used to describe a negative, ableist attitude toward deafness and the deaf community). She has also dealt with sexism and religious oppression, and she has developed her worldview through her unique experience.

Her experience aligns her empathy with Black Lives Matter in a way I can’t even fully fathom. Just as, in other ways, my own experience aligns me empathetically with the cause in ways others may not realize and I don’t feel the need to explain or justify, because right now my story doesn’t matter: but the ways it has prepared me can at least be useful to Black Lives Matter.

I did my own design work with all the right intentions, but the names overwhelmed. It seemed trite and ridiculous to even attempt. Besides, the issue goes so much deeper than police fatalities and systemic racism. Image is mine.

We all probably have a story or an experience that in some way helps us empathetically align to the cause. To say we have no point of reference is to minimize the collective human experience and how we are all uniquely equipped to be first responders to the Black Lives Matter issue. Whatever your positional point of reference may be, I think the important point of consideration remains: consider your white fragility, your place of privilege, and what you truly have to offer the world on behalf of Black Lives everywhere.

I decided to double-check my intentions, re-examine my privilege, and make sure my actions are going to help further the cause rather than pollute the social media sludge scroll. I encourage others to do the same, and if someone asks, “are we being white saviors?” or “is this really going to help?” I think that measuring your output against this list is a worthwhile litmus test.

If you have engaged with black thought, read about current events, white privilege, virtue signaling, divisive thinking, and you have done the internal work to check yourself—by all means, continue on with your crusade. Be mindful and definitely defer to number five on Garbutt’s list of how to direct your energy for the greater good and cause of Black Lives Matter.


“If you must make art, here’s a challenge: figure out how it can benefit the movement without benefitting you.” Schessa Garbutt, from “Black Lives Matter is not a Design Challenge”


I truly believe art is often the most powerful and effective tool for change. Writing and art can educate and empower in both an immediate and lasting way. Art persists when protests end in violence. Writing remains when the words of angry rioters are lost into the elbows of their oppressors. Powerful writing can lift up a cause and become a voice for the oppressed, and powerful art can spread a message that transcends language and meets us on another level where our emotional conscience fights to raise our awareness to another level.

So while I ask that everyone check their intentions and do the necessary navel-gazing work in the shower where it belongs, I also encourage everyone to do their part—even if that means it falls on the creative spectrum and you are not yourself a person of color.


Not everyone is able to protest.

Not everyone is able to donate.

Not everyone is able to write.

Not everyone is able to draw/paint/sculpt/sketch.


For the Cause

Take up the cause however you can while carefully listening to the black community, deferring to the voice of the unheard in order to amplify the cause rather than to virtue signal.

If you are unsure where you fall in this category, you’re probably at least asking the right questions to keep self-aware. Keep going. But remain open to criticism and questions. Be ready to have that hard look in the mirror and carefully reflect on why you’re doing what you’re doing, and if it’s going to make a difference.