A Thoughtful Response to Schessa Garbutt’s “Black Lives Matter is Not a Design Challenge”

If you want to contribute to Black Lives Matter, consider these things.


Positive Lead Generation: 5 Reasons to Avoid Paid Ads

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing? Lead Generation in digital marketing is an incredibly important part of a small business’s strategy to success. Any potential customer who is considering your brand, business, or product, is considered a lead. You can generate leads through social media, as an example, with the ultimate goal being toContinue reading “Positive Lead Generation: 5 Reasons to Avoid Paid Ads”

Hiring a Writer: 5 Reasons You Totally Should

Connecting and Expanding A lot of small business owners struggle with connecting to the community and expanding their clientele. No matter the type of business, nearly every small business owner is hoping to create meaningful and, ultimately, profitable relationships with clients. As a business owner and a copywriter, I’m always learning more about ways toContinue reading “Hiring a Writer: 5 Reasons You Totally Should”

Writing for Success: 3 Things I’m Changing NOW

I started 2020 with big goals, and tbh I’m smashing them. But it’s a slow smashing. Like, chipping away at a very hard surface with a delicate hammer made of ceramic. I don’t want my tools to shatter, so I’m sort of going about things delicately. But it is about to change. I’ve got theContinue reading “Writing for Success: 3 Things I’m Changing NOW”

The Productivity Mindset

Every one of us probably falls into the productivity self-sabotage category at some point. For me, there have been multiple causes along the timeline of my adult life, and in every season of self-sabotage, comes an opportunity for solutions and personal growth. My work as a freelance writer and visual arts dabbler demands a moreContinue reading “The Productivity Mindset”