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Content strategy goes hand-in-hand with content writing, but they are not exactly the same thing. Content that is updated frequently, such as a blog post or social media feed, requires some kind of strategy–ideally–and this is where Moonphase Creative really achieves a next-level advantage for small businesses looking for ways to utilize weekly content most efficiently and effectively.

Writing with content strategy in mind means we use keyword analysis and client goals to develop strong campaign focus with exceptional writing to target your niche clientele and convert your browsers to buyers.

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Copywriting vs. Content Writing

Copywriting focuses on developing content for static pages, whereas content writing is more about creating frequent, fresh blog posts, articles, and written content to reach an audience on a more regular basis.

The SEO aspect of our job asks that we consider keywords and structure to organically boost Google rankings and search engine optimization. Copywriting of this nature usually focuses on static pages that people go to for information on a business. About pages, landing pages, and service pages are all examples of this kind of work.

Content that is published frequently includes many aspects of social media that you may already be familiar with. Blog posts, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all places and platforms that rely on well-written, compelling content to keep things fresh and updated often enough.

Frequent content posting needs a plan. Photo by from Pexels

Social Media Content Strategy

Again, content writing and strategy go hand in hand–and social media is the perfect place to implement content strategy. We at Moonphase Creative love marketing and design, and social media content creation makes for the perfect job to incorporate all these skills in one project.

We love helping companies create, schedule, and plan for amazing social media content that is engaging and meaningful to niche audiences. Whether it’s a small business aiming for foot traffic or a consulting group aiming for niche clientele, we’re all about finding the heart of your business and helping is pulse on the page.


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